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Travel to and from Sierra Leone made easier with the support of Protec. Protec permanent land staffs at Lungi International Airport are available 24/7 to help guide its clients toward having the smoothest entry, stay and departure from Sierra Leone. Protec Travel Support Kit includes:
- Facilitation:
Follow Up and Fast track Issuance of Your Entry Visas
- Meet & Greet:
Facilitate Your Arrivals and Departures through Lungi International Airport and Ensure You Get Priority Access to Water Taxi Services
- Pick Up and Drop Off:
Arrange Pick Up and Drop Off for all Your Visits and Itineraries Within Sierra Leone
- Hotel Reservations:
Take Care of Your Hotel Reservations and Bookings
- Car Rentals:
Provide Car Rental Services With or Without Chauffeurs
- Special Clearing and Forwarding Services:
Provide Both Air and Sea Shipment Clearing and Forwarding







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